Letter: An open letter to Darien developer David Genovese

The following is an open letter to Darien developer David Genovese. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission.
To David:
Just a few lines to tell you again how lucky Darien is to have you and your partners planning such a wonderful project for the downtown area. As you probably know, my husband and I have built a number of residential properties in town. Some have been renovations but in most cases we have built the houses from scratch. The projects that you and your partners have given the town are beautiful examples of your understanding of what Darien needs.

The town is so lucky to have someone who lives here and has the community’s best interest at heart, while taking on our very tired down town. My husband and I  wish  you the best of luck in convincing the Planning and Zoning Commission that this is the time to update our 50 year-old regulations!   Really,who would not want to look at a beautifully-designed six story apartment building rather than I95 ?

Kathy  Gogolak